Chuck Cirelli

Chuck Cirelli, AdministratorName: Chuck Cirelli

Title: Administrator

Education/Experience:  Associates Degree

caStaff since: 1983

Hobbies/Interests: Love to travel


Tell us a little about yourself:

“My grandparents began the church in 1930, so I was born and raised up in the church. I held many positions from janitor to Chairman of the Board. I worked for Crucible Steel Colt Industries for the first 20 years of my employment, then in 1983 I began my ministry here at Christian Assembly as administrator. My wife, who is my best friend and companion, has always been at my side to help me achieve what God has planned for my life.”

What’s your vision for your department?

“My purpose is to see that all we do is done in excellence to God first, and then to the people we serve.”