Pastor Bill

Pastors Bill Anzevino

Name: Pastor Bill Anzevino

Title: Senior Pastor

Education/Experience:  Youngstown State University, Rhema Bible Training Center, 36 years of pastoring

caStaff since: 1979

Hobbies/Interests: guitar, sports

Favorite color: Brown

Interesting fact: “I dropped my college communications class stating ‘I will never speak in front of people again.'”

Tell us a little about yourself:

“My call to Christian Assembly came in 1979 by way of an audible voice stating ‘You will be the next pastor of that church.’ My involvment since then has been performing the duties of a pastor and leading the congregation into a deeper and more meaningful walk with God through the teaching of God’s Word and following the leading of God’s Spirit.

“My wife Krista and I have six wonderful children and one beautiful granddaughter. Together we are committed to providing the quality of leadership that will model a Christ-like ministry the people we serve can follow.”

What’s your vision for the church?

“My vision is to see the lost saved, the saved established, the established trained, and the trained sent out. It’s to provide the total gospel for the total deliverance and development of the total man. It’s to help God’s people to become productive fruit-bearing branches in the vine, bearing much fruit to the honor and glory of God. Also, we have a burning desire to reach unreached people groups of the world with the life-changing truths of God’s Word. It’s to help all of us glorify God on the earth by fulfilling our life mission and completing the work He gives us to do.”