Rose Coratto


Rose Coratto

Name: Rose Coratto

Title: Book keeper, Treasurer

Education/Experience: High School, 45 years as book keeper

caStaff since: 1983

Hobbies/Interests: Baking, music

Favorite color: Blue

Tell us a little about yourself:

“I was born in New Castle, PA into a family of 3 sisters and 6 brothers. My father and mother came from Italy and found the Lord when they came to America after being here a few years. We attended the Christian Assemblies all of my life. I met my husband, Tony, through the church rallies. We got married in 1962 and moved to midland in 1964. In 1953 I was born again, when I was 13, and gave everything I could of myself to the Father. I loved Him with all my heart and lived for him. After living in Midland a few years and with my knowledge of book keeping already, they chose me to be the treasurer of the church as a volunteer. I was hired in 1983.  Tony and I have three children, two grandchildren, and one great-grandchild who are the joy of our lives.”

What’s your vision for your department?

“As the treasurer of our church, I pray that everyone who walks through our doors would not leave here without finding Jesus in their heart, that they would totally be sold-out to the Lord and that every need they have would be met. Then I pray our church has an abundance of income to help those who are in need and we can keep giving for more souls to find Jesus. Lastly, my goal and vision is to pay our church off as soon as possible.”