Church Opening June 7

Christian Assembly will be reopening its doors Sunday, June 7, 2020!

We are all looking forward to June 7th when we will officially open our doors once again. We will be following the PA state guidelines for counties located in the “Yellow Phase.”

Our local law enforcement has been notified and are working with us.

For our first service, we will not be having the World Changers children’s ministry on site because they can’t practice social distancing. Continue to stream with us at 9:30am for World Changers LIVE!

Here are some guidelines that we are asking you to follow as you return:

  • Everyone please use the main doors to the church which will be propped open. All other entrances will be locked.
  • We will have our Welcome Team at the front doors to welcome and greet you. All of our team members will be wearing masks for your protection. Members are NOT required to wear masks, but may at their own discretion.
  • Shaking hands and hugging are not permitted in the Yellow Phase.
  • Please enter the sanctuary and be seated and if there are other people in the row you are in, please make sure that you allow 6 feet between other families. Family members are permitted to sit together.
  • We will not be having a regular offering. There will be offering buckets in the Narthex for you to drop your offering in before or after service.
  • Initially, we will not be having a prayer line or the laying on of hands. Pastor will continue to do corporate prayer for all those in our service.
  • At the end of the service, please remain seated and you will be given instructions on how you will be dismissed.

We understand that not everyone will be comfortable returning to church just yet, and we ask that you use your own judgment about joining us in house.

Our online services will continue as they have. 

We know that this is not “church as usual,” but we are very excited to worship the Lord in the same room with you, and to fellowship together, albeit from a distance.

See you June 7th!