Reaching the lost and serving those in-need is the heart of Christian Assembly. Jesus set the example by reaching ‘the least of these’ and demanding the same of His disciples. Whether providing practical assistance to a person or family, or sharing the gospel on the streets or in a foreign nation – we want to see the lost saved…

Homeless Outreach

Every first and third Saturday of the month, our Homeless Outreach team travels in the byways and under bridges of downtown Pittsburgh to minister to folks living on the streets.
¬†We share God’s love in practical ways by providing fresh clothes, toiletries, and snacks – and of course the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Christian Assembly Food Pantry

The newest addition to our outreach team is the Christian Assembly Food Pantry. Distribution day varies each month, but we are able to distribute 200-550 boxes of food to local families.

Food supplies have included dry goods, fresh produce, milk & dairy foods, and frozen meats. We are grateful to serve families in our area through this needed and practical way.