Christian Assembly Food Pantry

The Food Pantry Outreach mission’s team gathers food for the need once a month located at the back of the Church in the gymnasium. Monetary donations are accepted in an offering envelope. Make sure to mark down “Food Pantry Donation”. The mission started April 2020 with just 20 boxes coming from the center of Midland, PA. Rob Wells and Dennis Quinn distribute the boxes in just 2 days targeting neighborhoods in need by blessing with prayer and goods. The Food Pantry from May of last year to May of this year delivered from Pittsburgh 48,763 lbs and Youngstown 12,000 lbs, totaling 60,763 lbs of food. Food supplies include dry goods, fresh produce, milk, dairy foods, frozen meats, eggs, spaghetti, and more.


Wednesday 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM


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Behind the Church in the gymnasium!

Overall Review videos on the Food Pantry

The Food Pantry started in April 2020 with just 20 boxes coming from the center of Midland. Rob Wells and Dennis Quinn distribute the 20 boxes within 2 days, and targeted neighborhoods in need, and asking them to be blessed with food and prayer. May of last year to this May of this year the Food Pantry has delivered from Pittsburgh 48,763 lbs and Youngstown 12,000 lbs of food totaling to 60,763 lbs of food.
The last Food Pantry of 2023 supplied 144 families that counted up to 462 people. 40 people gave their life to Christ and 40 received a bible. Thank you to all of those who donated towards the Food Pantry. Without you this wouldn’t be possible. In one year of donations The Food Pantry supplied approximately 6500 people.

The Turkey Give Away Food Pantry event. Pastor Bill Anzevino gave a word about appreciating these moments… And gave people the opportunity to receive salvation. A total of 30 Bibles were ready to be handed out, to whomever wanted one. However more than 30 people raised their hands. People then began to receive food and a total of 420 people were served. And 125 families received a turkey, making this a whole Thanksgiving meal.

How some of the volunteers help serve the Lord.

Interviewing how the Food Pantry blessed them. How the Food Pantry helped people out significantly.


Rob, Rose, & Leanne Wells

Bill, Joe, & Christine Burgess

Mark Johnson

Sherri & Gary Bruno

Al Lohry

Amy Smith

Teresa Lynch

Trenton Young

Cristen & Will Bridges

Maylin Escalona

Dennis Quinn

Paul & Sue Eisenmann

Al & Becky Somogie

Bonnie Riffle

Stefani Pussinsk

Dennis Cairns

Martha Hoegle

Susan Andrews

Mike Davis

Marcia McCool

Shawna Michaels

Darryl Michaels

Dolores Kampian